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Interested in the game but not sure if it is worth it? Try it out yourself!

The purpose of the demo is to give an early introduction of what the game is about.


What is in the Demo?

+ Introduction/Backstory
+ 2 Levels (Easy and Intermediate difficulty)

+ 1 Spacescape (Flame Nebula)

+ Limited Game Mechanics: Hackable Button, Camera, Computer Log, Test Dummy

+ Limited Hidden Collectibles

+ Limited Character Appearances
+ No Time Limit

*Save file doesn't carry over to final game

What is NOT in the Demo?

- Cinematic Cutscenes

- 16 more awesome levels

- Many more amazing Spacescapes

- Advance Game Mechanics: Controllable Robot, Laser Traps, Moving Platform, Pressure Plate, Teleporter

- More Hidden Collectibles

- More Character Appearances

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